Nuweiba, Beautifull oases

Nuweiba to love and remember

Nuweiba means “Bubbling Springs” in Arabic.

It is one of South Sinai’s biggest Oases. It’s stretched his beautifull beaches over 7 km along the Aqaba coast.

Situated in between Taba and Sharm El Sheick. Nuweiba is known for its multicolored mountains rising out of the clear blue sea. The shallow reefs around Nuweiba are ideal for snorkelling,  and offers a range of under water seascapes for diving.

The area has been inhabited by local Bedouin for many years, and many still live there today – offering opportunities to gain an insight into their unique way of life.

Nuweiba consists of several different locations, each with its own distinctive character.

To the south, at the foot of the steep mountains of the interior and lying on the shore of an expansive bay,  the distinctive oasis of  Nuweiba ” El Muzeina” and the port called ” Mina”.  Further north, on the Gulf of Aqaba  Nuweiba City, Duna and Nuweiba El-Tarabin


Nuweiba El Mezzena:

A  typical Bedouin village located on the south-west corner of the Nuweiba flood plain, it has been the home of the bedouin for hundreds of years.
During the ’90s it became world famous as the home of the wild dolphin “Olin”, the  dolphin that befriended a local Bedouin who nursed it back to health.
A sleepy, “real” bedouin village with a surrounding scenery of extreme natural beauty.

egypte2-week-021.jpgBedouin girl in El MezzinaMosk in El Mezzina

Nuweiba Mina:

Mina means harbour in arabic. It attracted travellers for centuries, having long been an important port for Muslim pilgrims en route to Mecca. Here you will enjoy the typical Egyptian atmosfeer, no traces of tourist here exept those who want to travel to Jordan with the boat. The port continues to offer a daily ferry service to Aqaba on the Jordan coast
Typical restaurants with fresh fish or Chich Kebab and delicious lemon juices. 


Nuweiba City 
Nuweiba Town is frequently visited by travelers. Its significance lies in marking the tribal boundary between the Tarabin tribe in the north and the Muzeina tribe in the south. In the town you can find restaurants and supermarkets, the public bakery provides fresh pita bread, the Post Office Telephone Communication Center.
The “Central”, this area is great for low budget tourism in a bazaar atmosphere like Khan El Khalili.

the soeks of Nuweiba City

Nuweiba Duna :

Are the extension of Nuweiba City. Along the shore with many camps.

It’s a beautiful sandy beaches with spectacular coral reefs just in front.
The Dunes are divided between “Duna” and “small Duna.
Famous with their soft sand hills they remained a romantic virgin place with brilliant views

Nuweiba Tarabin:

The Nuweiba part consists of thick grove of palms, a shallow bay and the ruins of a Turkish fort , constructed at the outset of the 16th century.
Tarabin is known for its love and peace atmosphere. Restaurant by restaurant and bazaar next to bazaar gives you the impression of a colorful oriental market place, altough it look’s to be abandonded since the Israelean do not visit Sinai anymore.
Along the beach you find lively outdoor restaurants in Bedouin style, the ideal place for backtrackers.

To spend your holidays in Nuweiba you can choose to fly to either Taba or Sharm El Sheick. For a longer stay or a Tour you can also fly into Cairo.

Transfer Time
Transfer time from Taba airport is 1 hr 45mins approx.

Transfer time from Sharm airport is 1 hr 15 mins approx.

Out & About in Nuweiba
-Moses Mountain and St Catherines Monastery

– Colored Canyon
-Oases Ein Hudra
– The Nawamis
-White Canyon
– The National Park Ras Abu Gallum
-The Blue Hole
-Sharm El Sheik
-The National Park Ras Mohammed
-The National Park Nabq
-Serabit El Khadem
-The embarkation to Jordan. The trip from Nuwieba to Jordan takes 90 minutes with the Ferry.
-Jerusalem – The dead sea – Eilat