Posted by: nuweiba | May 14, 2008

Mubarak: Education important dimension of Egypt’s national security

mubarak in education conference

President Mubarak has called for developing education through a developed system in order to qualify new graduates who are capable of dealing with the challenges of competition and globalization. The President called on the government and educational establishments to tackle distortions in the educational process.

President Mubarak said reforming education system in all stages is a continuous process.

Addressing the inaugural session of the national conference on promoting secondary education and policies of higher education admission on 11/5/2008, President Mubarak said the government was assigned to hold the conference on promoting secondary education as it is linked with developing higher education.

The President said he asked the government to present the issue of high school certificate as it is considered a means to ease pressure on Egyptian families and is related to promoting the current system of admission at the various universities.

President Mubarak said restructuring, developing the high school system in terms of curriculums, teaching methods, evaluation, exams and admission in universities are needed.

It is necessary to develop technical education and link it to the various sectors of production and services and to upgrade vocational training, the President said. “It is high time for us to deal seriously with the current gap between pre-university and university education and the new requirements of the labour market,” the President added.

The President called for developing technical education that is linked to production and service sectors in Egypt. The government is required to study linking this kind of education to giving licenses to technical school graduates in various specializations, Mubarak said.

The government has to attract students to technical schools by providing better jobs to graduates and improve their financial situation, Mubarak said. It is time to deal with the current gap between the education system and needs of the labor market, Mubarak noted.

“Our goal is still to promote the quality of education and achieve the decentralization of the educational process … we have to benefit from successful experiments of advanced countries,” Mubarak said.

He called on teachers, university professors and experts to crystallize an executive framework to develop secondary education and university admission system in a way that would serve the national economy, push forward development efforts, alleviate financial and psychological burdens on Egyptian family, improve teachers’ skills and give more attention to foreign languages, computer and student and cultural activities.

“While we explore ways to develop university admission system, we have to consider students’ desires and skills needed in the labor market,” Mubarak concluded


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