Posted by: nuweiba | May 14, 2008

Suzanne Mubarak opens 3rd branch of Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Hurghada

First Lady Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak opened Monday5/5/2008 a library in el-Gona village in Hurghada that will offer a chance for Hurghada visitors to get acquainted with Bibliotheca Alexandrina activities. Mrs. Mubarak also laid the foundation stone of a nursing school in Gona.

The Sawiris Foundation for Social Development established the two institutions. The foundation was founded in April 2001, with an endowment from the Sawiris family, to serve the goals of extending grants to fund projects implemented by partners, fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship and supporting the creation of self-employment opportunities in addition to providing seed money for the start up of micro and small enterprises.

Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak inspected the main hall of the Hurghada library where visitors could read on computers about 55,000 of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina books which were digitally registered.

She also visited a cultural panorama hall where the 5,000 old Egyptian heritages could be screened in an attractive way and Bibliotheca Alexandrina activities could be followed up while taking place.

Mrs Mubarak also opened a nursing school for tertiary education where students will study for three years to be able to join the labor market.


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