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Exclusive concierge treatment puts the magic into any VIP trip to Sharm El Sheikh

It’s the stuff fairytales are made of. Beautiful cars, consuming entertainment, exclusive shopping, fine dining, hidden hideouts, hip hangouts, inspirational destinations, multi-lingual personal assistants and formidable 24-hr security and protection.  
Charming the pants off everyone from top local and international businesspeople, to celebrities and the world’s most decadent royal families, Eclipse VIP arrangements is the company of the moment specializing in concierge and travel services, focusing on the first-class travelers’ needs through offering an array of top notch services. But, who wouldn’t be impressed by a service that seemingly makes the impossible a reality.

Launched early 2007, Eclipse VIP Arrangements’ mission is to deliver unmatched advantages to clients, partners, suppliers and associates around the clock. The company’s business activity is strictly a guest-focused initiative, based on their approach to provide turnkey solutions.

Focusing on the inaccessible, Eclipse aim to make life that much more pleasurable for the privileged few who believe that life is too precious to waste time on anything that is not absolutely luxurious or is second best. Utilizing the experience of team industry experts, who are able to alchemize first-class service into an art form, Eclipse stretch service potential to the sky and do what it takes to eclipse even the highest expectations.

Making the magic of the Sinai and Egypt all but more impressive Eclipse VIP Arrangements offer an unparallel service to the honchos of the VIP, celebrity and business world visiting the area, guaranteeing the unthinkable and otherwise undoable.

The founder and brainchild of the company, ex-chief concierge of the Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh, Rahim Taha quoted, “They are calling me a magician because of services we are providing.”

“Last week we had a request from a Swiss lady. She wanted to visit the pyramids and the Egyptian museum…her and her only. We granted her request and furthermore opened mummy rooms within the museum which are not accessible to everybody on a day-to-day basis.”

“We have keys for every point in the country. The keys to open any door. The solution for every request.”

Lift the top hat and you’ll find there is no rabbit but a dream ticket with guaranteed 100% delivery and customer service satisfaction for any VIP wish you desire to command. Too good to be true? It’s the perfect answer to the ultimate question: what do you give someone that has everything?

Taha intervened: “Service.”

Their list of services reads like a dream…Airport services (express in & out); Personal Security (bodyguards and armed security available through the government); On the Move (transportation); Accommodation (five-star hotels, chalets & villas), Personal Guest Services (childcare, multi-lingual personal assistants, personal shoppers); Real Estate Management; Legal Services; Catering Services (delivered onboard to private jets and boats); Group Handling and Event Management; Personal Flight Keepers; Dining & Entertainment; Excursions (desert trips, Bedouin nights; private boat excursions). 

The exclusive meet and greet on the tarmac of the International Sharm El Sheikh airport is just one of the unique upfront and personal services the company offers alongside a long list of alternative arrangements. 

On conference call from the USA, Eclipse partner Joe Morris who has several years experience in business development and facilitation in the Middle East added: “Eclipse is the only company that has access to the tarmac and other critical areas of the airport as well as other areas including access inside Na’ama Bay.”

He stated: “Anything you want or need we can provide: Entertainment programs, excursions, last minute travel arrangements, private yacht hire, visa clearance…”

One of the most popular services at Eclipse is the transportation service offering a chauffeur service, group transportation, limousines, marine transportation (a range of boats and yachts are available) as well as 24-hour availability of private jet hire.

Taha continued: “We know how to serve this level of people. We can recommend the best places in the City and we have good relationships with these places enabling us to choose the best locations for our clients. Travel managers contact the company because they don’t know the local or national areas and they need somebody to trust ensuring they receive the best quality of service. We aim to make your visit a memorable one.”

Eclipse VIP Arrangements recognizes Sharm El Sheikh as both an exciting and growing destination with lots of undiscovered areas and offers a wide range of exciting excursions to clients. Currently one of the most popular destinations for divers and a favorite with the in-crowd for its nightlife, Sharm El Sheikh offers unlimited entertainment options both night and day. Eclipse VIP Arrangements are able to recommend and select the best on the market for different tastes and occasions: Whether that is the best restaurant table booking in town, access VIP-style to the hottest nightspots or a personal retail assistant who accompanies you to the secret shopping zones of the Red Sea.

Egyptian ex-state policeman with SAS training Mohsen El Sokkary and the Egyptian owner of limousine company Shad, Reda Youssef, complete the four partners which make up the formidable dream team and backbone of the company giving it its international flavor and formidable reputation.

Taha concluded: “I want our clients to feel like a real VIP. Clients should feel pampered, special; happy…We want you to receive the service you are looking for.”

With plans to branch out worldwide, Eclipse VIP Arrangements opened a new branch in Cairo three months ago in Zamalek. There is also currently a new office within the Internationl Airport of Sharm El Sheikh.

Eclipse VIP Arrangements are handling the event management of Nancy Ajram’s concert in Brussels on the 29th November 2008. Tickets will go on sale from June 1st 2008 and are available from the Eclipse VIP Arrangements head office in Sharm El Sheikh (+20 693 603 833).

By Jacqueline Don-Duncan



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