Posted by: nuweiba | August 24, 2008

Egypt – new traffic law

Finally, the new traffic law in Egypt!

Road accidents, the second highest cause of death in Egypt. Yearly thousends of people die in road accidents. Stupid accidents.

Reckless driving, lax traffic rules and poor road conditions lead to a high accident toll in Egypt.

A series of crashes in the past few years caused a public outcry over the government’s record of road and transport safety. A new traffic code with harsher punishments for law breakers came into effect on Friday.

I really hope that these new traffic laws will help to secure our streets. But i doubt it will help. Most people don,t know how to drive a car. They are used to drive like donkeys and they never learned any traffic signs or rules. Second problem are the men of the traffic police. Will they maintain the law or will they take money from a handshake from the lawbreaker?

We will see, it still is a small step forward.


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