Al Salam Aleikoum
wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh

what means “May peace from GOD be with you”
The Egyptian way to say hello and welcome in Egypt

– El Mezzina

Ghannah Lodge The coast of Nuweiba at Ghannah Lodge

The Eco-Lodge is situated in a oasis along the sea sight

On the edge of the small bedouin fisher village, the place give’s the authentic taste of the real bedouin live aswell as the roughness of the desert. 

In the morning being waked by the smell by the bread bedouin women are making on the fire mixt with the tenderly exotic parfum of palmtress.

The crystal clear water and a enchanting starry sky leaves the impression that everything here is magic.

It offers a beautifull view on the azure blue water of the Golf of Aqaba, the red colored mountains of Saudi-Arabie and in the back the holy mountains of Sinai.

The Eco-Lodge build by a Belgian Youth association it is a project for sustainable development.

contact : 0020/ 10-557.43.83

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